Window Filming

Office window filming

Window film

Strategic use of window film is a smart way to reduce heat and glare for a minimum price. Especially on sun-drenched areas.

We’ve seen it work wonders in atriums, offices, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, public waiting areas, and health and sports clubs.

Window filming is a simple way to –

  • Cut solar heat. It can reduce heat by almost 80 per cent compared with untreated glass.
  • Reduce fading. It can block up to 99 per cent of damaging UV rays – protecting fabrics and furnishings from damage and loss.
  • Combat glare. This might be from sun, snow, water or reflection from near by buildings.
  • Improve energy savings. Window filming reduces heat loss and so lowers energy costs.
  • Increase safety. Window film makes the invisible ‘visible’, while reducing the impact of accidents by holding shattered glass together instead of it becoming life-threatening shards.
  • Enhance appearance. With such a wide range of film finishes, it is easy to match the overall interior design – including incorporating logos and text.
  • Minimise disruption. Installation is simple and fast, making it easy to work round what ever is going on.