Window Film

Window Film

Strategic use of window film is a smart way to reduce heat and glare – and increase privacy – for a minimum price.

We’ve seen it work wonders in atriums, offices, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, public waiting areas, and health and sports clubs.

Through window filming, you can –

  1. Reduce heat by almost 80 percent compared with untreated glass.
  2. Block up to 99 percent of damaging UV rays – protecting fabrics and furnishings from damage and loss.
  3. Combat glare from sun, snow, water or reflection from nearby buildings.
  4. Improve energy savings by reducing heat loss
  5. Increase safety by making windows visible
  6. Minimal disruption because installation is simple and fast
  7. Enhance appearance by matching the overall interior design – including incorporating logos and text.

Frost Vinyl Film

Frosted window film is our most transparent, letting in 90 per cent of the light. Yet still being highly effective in enhancing privacy or shielding an unsightly view.

It works on any smooth glass surface, including bathrooms and kitchens due to its resistance to condensation.

Custom Window Film

There is almost no limit when it comes to customising window filming to enhance your environment. Your logo? Your branding? Some intricate design?

Name it and we’ll deliver it – thanks to our graphics team and hi-tech cutting equipment.

Safety Film

This double-thickness film protects people and property, by making glass more resistant to breakage and shattering.

That means enhanced safety when accidents happen. And a deterrent to intruders, due to the film preventing broken shards from falling away and so making illegal access harder.

Solar Film

Added to the other benefits of window filming – greater privacy and more stylish appearance – solar window filming reduces the impact of the sun’s heat and its harmful rays.

That’s good news for office and home alike.