Plantation Shutters

Shutters offer that perfect match for an extra level of security and added stylish charm.

We’ll help you choose the perfect shutters for your home and lifestyle from a range that covers every style.

With so many different styles, colours and finishes available, our expert and obligation-free advice is waiting for you without charge. To book an in-home appointment please contact us.

Tier-on-tier shutters

Sometimes known as Plantation Shutters, although they cover the whole window, each panels splits like a stable door.

This flexible control allows the top to open independently from the bottom, allowing the choice of either total privacy or light to enter at the top with the bottom section closed for privacy.

Full Height Shutters

Covering the full height of the window, with a panel on either side which can open independently. This makes them perfect for living rooms, bedrooms or living areas next to roads.

They come in a variety of materials and finishes. And can made to fit all windows as well as coming in the following standard sizes - 47mm x 19mm | 64mm x 25mm | 89mm x 38mm | 114mm x 51mm

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Café Style Shutters

These shutter the bottom half of the window in order to maximise the light while maintaining privacy.

They are especially ideal for very tall windows, ground level windows and town houses.