Outdoor Living Spaces


Outdoor Living Spaces

For a stylish way to make the most of life in the fresh air, an outdoor living space is a stunning solution.

Indeed, our outdoor living space is the first outdoor ‘room’ that can be used on almost every day of the year. It’s your choice – be open to the elements or fully protected from sun, wind or rain.

Stylish and practical

The swanky louvered roof rotates at the touch of a button to give maximum sun protection. At the same time, it is fully waterproof when closed, with the great British rain draining away through concealed guttering.

Optional heavy-duty roller blinds, hidden within the frame until needed, will see off winds up to Beaufort 10. Yet you won’t lose the view thanks to their full-width clear-view window.

With the optional lighting and heating, when night falls or the temperature does the same, your outdoor living space is still a welcoming and attractive place to be.

Robustly built

Beneath the stylish looks beats a heart of strength and resilience.

The stunning textured surface has a corrosion resistant coating. With the whole construction made from sturdy aluminium and stainless steel.

Highly flexible

The outdoor living space is built from a modular system. Which means they can be joined together to cover areas of all shapes and sizes.

That makes them especially suitable for outdoor eating areas, health and sports clubs – as well as country houses, mansions or whatever you may have.