Roman blinds

Roman blinds

Roman blinds have long been the answer for anyone looking to add elegance and luxury to their home – or to simply adorn their windows with a covering that effectively blocks out excess light.

The great advantage of made to measure Roman blinds is the softness that they add to any room’s décor.
This makes them especially effective in settings which focus on form over function, such as living rooms.

Roman Blackout Blinds

Ideal for bedrooms and nurseries.

Just add a blackout lining to your Roman blind of choice. And look good while experiencing the protection from the light that every sleepyhead deserves.

Roman Fabric Blinds

Frame your windows to give a room a cosy, luxurious and more inviting feel with this stylish alternative to curtains.

Choose from a full range of fabric and lining options. We will even manufacture from your own fabric.

There is also a motorised power option.

Roman Sheer Blinds

This is the way to say curtains to net curtains. The translucent voile lets the light through to while fully protecting your privacy.

The blind hangs at the window and is easily adjusted to give you exactly the level of light and seclusion you would like.