Roller Blinds

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are the practical, economical, and stylish way to create shade.
It is something we’ve been doing for years.

Roller blinds can generate instant shade. They will add style and colour to any interior.
And can even create total blackout when needed.

We offer you a roller blind installation with –

  1. A vast choice of fabrics, including plain, textured, fire resistant and blackout. Find them all here

  2. A variety of fixings and control mechanisms – including motorised

To make sure your roller blinds give effortless performance and years of service, we always use:

  1. Lightweight aluminium tubes

  2. Working parts in sturdy thermoplastic

  3. Brackets in attractive powder-coated steel

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds

Especially designed for UPVC windows, our made to measure Perfect Fit roller blinds are screw-less. The brackets simply slide between the window glass and the surrounding beading.

They are also cord free, making them entirely child safe. And come in a wide range of fabrics including blackout, dim-out and sheer.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Here’s the way to match an attractive window dressing with being able to completely shut out the unwelcome light.

That makes them perfect for –

  1. Offices, especially where presentations are made, and wherever high-grade blackout is vital

  2. Bedrooms – to promote a good night’s sleep

  3. Anywhere there’s a need to say ‘no’ to street lights and car headlights after dark

Blackout roller blinds also help keep out drafts, to reduce heating bills.

Of course, this demands a perfect fit, which is what our made to measure service delivers. And they are simple to install.

There’s a wide range of colours and fabric options.

Fabric options – view available fabrics in Louvolite Carnival Blackout and Unilux

Logo Roller Blinds

Roller blinds printed with your logo – or the image of your choice–make a stunning impact. And we can advise on the best solution for your needs.

Commercially printed, our roller blinds are fire retardant and use robust materials to make sure they last.

Vision Roller Blinds

Here’s an easy-to-use and innovative new way to have total control of light and privacy – thanks to its ingenious two layers that adjust to give limitless levels of light control.

At the extremes, the closed ‘opaque-opaque’ position allows full privacy with an impressive block of beautiful fabric. While the ‘translucent-opaque’ position creates a stunning striped statement.

Fabric Roller Blinds

This is the most practical and economical way to create shade. Ideal wherever there is a window. And perfect where there are computer screens.

Our wide variety of fabrics are all flame retardant to BS5867. Blackout fabrics which, completely cut out light, are a popular choice for meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Fabric options: view available fabrics in Uniview and Unilux and Louvolite Carnival