Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds

In highly glazed areas – like expansive windows, conservatories, atriums or special features – here’s an ideal solution to control light and heat.

For us, this is where art and science meet. Stylish looks have to be matched with maximum thermal efficiency. The solution has to do you good as well as look good.

Cordless motorised control

You can have control at your fingertips through an ultra-quiet motorised with a choice of either –

  1. A wall mounted switch

  2. A slender platinum remote controller with 4 channels to operate blinds individually or in groups

That’s why our pleated blinds:

  1. Can be tailored to fit the most challenging spaces – minimising light leakage or heat exchange

  2. Use fabrics with detailed performance figures, giving you confidence in what they will achieve

  3. Offer an outstanding range of colours and textures

  4. Will give years of robust use, thanks to the carefully selected materials

Pleated Fabric Blinds

Stylish and elegant, each blind can be raised to a neat stack at the top of the window to create an unobstructed view.

When lowered, the fabric allows sunlight to gently filter into the room, creating a cosy and warming effect.

Pleated Perfect Fit Blinds

Created with PVC windows and doors in mind – no screws or drilling.

Choose from a large collection of single or honeycomb pleated fabrics, with options from a voile effect through to blackout and insulating.

They are easy to control by hand and to set in a position anywhere from fully open to fully closed. And with no cords they are neat and child-safe.

Pleated Blackout Blinds

For any setting where there will be light you don’t want.

The honeycomb fabrics are held in place with invisible cords running through drilled holes in the fabric – creating the most efficient blackout performance and a much cleaner look.

Pleated Free Hanging Blinds

Just right to keep a conservatory cool in summer and conserve its heat in winter – stylishly and economically.

Able to be fitted to most window frames, they give the maximum view when pulled up. And offer full control over how much light or privacy you want.

Also ideal companions to patio doors and bathrooms.