Acoustic Blinds


Acoustic Blinds

One day someone will invent glass that absorbs sound. Until then, acoustic blinds are the answer if you want –

  • Open plan offices with a quiet atmosphere – making concentration and productivity possible
  • Meeting rooms where people can hear each other with ease and clarity – improving understanding and reducing frustration

Acoustic blinds are ideal for offices, schools, universities, colleges, hospitals and more.

Our acoustic blinds sit in front of the glass, absorbing ambient sound through specialist acoustic fabric either side of a foam core.

They are also ideal to separate open-plan space as a way to reduce noise.

Even better, our acoustic blinds are more than just easy on the ear. They are also easy on the pocket, because they’re designed to fit on existing rail systems.

And they are equally easy on the eyes too – with a wide range of colours and styles to compliment your interior design.