Our retractable awnings create an instant roof at the touch of a button. The sun and rain can do their worst and life can still rock on.

Our range covers:

Canopy awnings - fixed or retractable, manual or electric operation

Fold-back awnings – available with manual crank handle or motorised remote control

There are even awnings that are freestanding or ground anchored, for where it’s not possible to attach to the façade. Or where it needs to be away from the building.

You’ll love the fact they are:

  1. Maintenance free

  2. Easily adjusted for maximum effectiveness

  3. Made to order, so guaranteed to be the perfect solution

  4. Long-lasting, constructed from the highest quality components, including rust-free aluminium

  5. Protected from damage by being fully encased when retracted


Canopy Awnings

A highly effective way to create a warm welcome for any shop front, while providing protection from the sun and rain. They can be fixed or retractable, manual or motorised.

Choose from traditional curved or wedge shapes and a large range of colours and materials, including PVC. We’ll help you add the branding and messaging you need.

Fold Back Awnings

A fully-retractable way to protect an outdoor space from the elements. With a large range of colours and fabrics on offer.

When retracted, the material and operating mechanism is fully protected by the casing.

Available with manual crank handle or motorised remote control.